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Hello, we are




A little about

Advantage Global Group

As a leading provider specializing in contracting services,

we offer our clients end-to-end constructive solutions.

Advantage Global Group consistently delivers

services on time and within budget.


Adv. Global’s reputation as a hub of technological intelligence,

along with its professional service and solid track record, has

seen the firm become increasingly involved in landmark projects

across the Globe. The depth and breadth of the expertise

ensure that Adv. Global is well positioned to provide

variety of project solutions to clients.


Simply put, we help you grow.


Our Global Coverage

Advantage Global has several international branches and we offer coverage in almost every country around the world. Take a look at our coverage map to find out the specifics of where our services can be found.

Meet the Team

Advantage Global boasts a team of fun loving professionals who have become a family that enjoys working together. With several departments our team sports a variety characters and personalities which blend together to form a unique work environment that everyone enjoys.

Our Services

Advantage Global Group offers a variety of services including:

Engineering Consulting, Management Services, Immigrations Solutions, HR Solutions, Payroll Management and more.

Our Portfolio

With several years of experience under our belt and hundreds of solutions created at ADV, we constantly strive to reach new heights and set new standards for clients and industry.

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